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My Mac Setup

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I’ve never collected stamps or anything, except one thing : software. Since my youngest age, I’ve been trying, reading, experimenting, installing thousands of softwares. Here are the ones I keep using.

Coding and everything text related.

Emacs, Spacemacs Edition

I love Spacemacs. It’s takes some effort to really dive into it, but this is a real happiness to work in this environnement. This is more than a text editor, an IDE.

I use it to code ( Elixir mainly, but also JS, Ruby, PHP, Julia ), manage my repositories, to organize my notes, todos, calendar with org-mode, to write this blog on hugo, manage my finances with ledger, etc…

Everything is customizable to your liking, and the spacemacs edition already gives you an awesome set of defaults and configuration with vim bindings to make it easier.

I’ve switched to spacemacs around 1 year ago, I start to be really comfortable with most tasks, but I still need sometimes to check how to do complicated things ( formulas in tables by example - yes you read that right ).

Right now, it’s replacing IDEs, Word, Omnioutliner, etc…

More info here


I use sublime less and less. It was my editor of choice before. Now I use it if I need to open a file quickly and do some operations that are still a bit easier there ( the command+d is just awesome there ).

It’s still an awesome piece of software. More info here.

Data processing, calculation


This is an awesome piece of software. So many times you get malformed CSV, or weird data files that you need to parse and transform into proper format. OpenRefine does just that.

It allows you to parse properly, transform, filter, merge, augment, enrich and export data files easily.

I just can’t live without it.

More info here

Quantrix Modeler

I don’t use it everyday, but I love this software.

I don’t know if you remember Lotus Improv, a revolutionary spreadsheet in the 90’s. Quantrix is its successor, originally developed for NextStep, then for Mac and PC.

So why am I excited by a spreadsheet software ?

Quantrix is a multi-dimensional spreadsheet. It means that instead of thinking in terms of cells, columns and rows, and applying formulas to them ( yes, you can have named ranges, which are only shortcuts to these cells imho ), you think in terms of elements, dimensions and entities. Your profit becomes revenue - expense, instead of C45 - C44 that you would have to copy on every column.

The consequence of it is that you can move things around. By removing the abstraction of the cell, it allows you to move things around, having your revenue per year and per store, or per store and product and per year, etc…

It’s just cool, especially when you have to make business plans and forecasts.

More info here

Graphic design


This is a gem. A desktop and online collaborative graphic design tool. It’s so simple, so effective. Just the best tool to create UIs. Way better than Sketch, and free for small teams or solos.

More info here



Weirdly, I’m using Opera. I’m testing the new Firefox Quantum, but I got used to Opera. It’s quite fast ( comparable to Chrome ), use less memory than Chrome in my opinion, and I like the defaults and UI. But well, a browser is a browser…

Email / communication : Too many stuff, nothing I really like

Apple Mail

I hate having my emails in a browser, I need to be able to access it in an app, with just a ALT+TAB. But I hate having to download gigabytes of emails on my hard drive. For me, for now, there is no real winner right now. So I use Apple Mail.


I hate the new UI, but it works. I find Slack a bit too much team oriented ( what if I work in multiple teams ? I must have like 12 slacks, so in the end I use none).